'The Hanged Man' - Self Sacrifice/Higher Understanding

Hanged Man Tarot Card, Iron Nail, Salt, Muslin, Decomposing Wood

The Culmination of a period of research into Spiritual concepts realised through minimalist, ever changing forms. Here, the image of 'The hanged man' from the tarot is transmuted into a sculpture that is slowly decomposing. The muslin, soaked in salt crystals propoertionate to the amount of salt in a human body, sweeps down like a corpse affixed by it's feet to a cross. The wood itself is decomposing, returning to the earth, yet the salt from the 'body' would assure nothing could.

Finishing the sculpture, is the tarot card itself, nailed to the wall with a dark nail. The iron in the nail is the same amount as in the human body. The sweeping form references the golden ratio, and furhter solidifies the 'pursuit' of higher understanding through rumination upon the meaning of a 'hanged man'.