'Synthesis' - Transmutation of energy and the reinvigoration of dead matter

Wooden branches struck off by Lightning, White Wool, Urea Crystals, Rusted Steel.

Through the allegories present in the work, I have highlighted the phenomena of Death, Decomposition and Rebirth through the catalyst of crystallisation. To highlight the eternal recurrence of life – energy passes from one form to another; never dying, but instead transcending between incarnations.

Humanity desires to find purpose through the control and imitation of the work of God (natural phenomena), as a means of surpassing the limitations set upon humanity. They do this, in order to ‘transcend’ – to become surrogate for, and eclipse, the creator. Thus in turn, able to control their own existence. This notion of control is manifest (in the work) by the installation of a cold, steel cage – a product of man’s ingenuity in harnessing energy, exerted over a spiritually traditional form of resurrection – The Lightning Bolt. Symbolically an act of God, and the spark of life in Mary Shelley’s Novel ‘Frankenstein’; it destroys, but also creates life (in the form of fire or an electrical impulse; galvanism).