Phosphorus; Substance

Phosphorus; Substance


1. a. That which has mass and occupies space; matter.
    b. A material of a particular kind or constitution.

12th December - 19th December 2014

'The Abacus' - 18-20 St. David's House, Wood Street, Cardiff

What is a 'substance'? a physical object? a symbolic concept? or something that our brains create in order
for us to comprehend the universe around us?

'Substance' is an exhibition within the very heart of the city of Cardiff, a gathering of art students from Cardiff School of Art and Design; each with their own Hopes, Dreams, Concepts and Mediums. Strange and entrancing work that not only confronts, but appreciates the very matter of the world that surrounds us. 

Ethan Dodd | Sarah Padbury | Magdalena Lackowska | Nathan Mullis | Sam Wall | Rhys Scorey

 Sarah Thomas | Emily Panizzi | Fingal Green | Sarah Thomas | Danielle Adair | Ryan Lewis

 Emily White | Mabli Eustace | Miller Elliot | Eloise Barratt


Opening Night Entertainment - Howl - Psychedelic hard/stoner rock from the beautiful, scenic land of Barry

Grey Mondeo - a Two piece instrumental punk band from the grungy back-streets of our very own Caerdydd.