Phosphorus; -exposure


1.the act of exposing, laying open, or uncovering

11th December - 17th December 2015

'The Abacus' 18-20 St. David's House, Wood Street, Cardiff

'Exposure' is the next foray for the group behind the Exhibition 'Substance'. A group show that hopes to lay open the views and artistic process. A three day residency, and three day exhibition which focuses on a group of up and coming fine artists within Cardiff, and allows the public an insight into the burgeoning arts scene in Cardiff, as it happens.

We are proposing to do a three day residency, completely open, in which the public can come and experience the artist at work. This breaking down of barriers between artist and public, allowing them into their own mind, will be beneficial to both those creating, and those viewing, for it allows the artist direct feedback from a different audience than other artists. Creating a new environment in which creativity can rebound off of one artist to another. There will be a wide variety of artistic styles; Illustrators, Sculptors, Installation Artists, Performers, and each shall bring something new and exciting to the table; their differing world views and opinions melding together to lay open the role of the artist within the studio, and the shamanic nature of the artist at work. The residency will end after three days, and then there will be a short exhibition in order for the artworks to be viewed in a more professional, orchestrated way, after the madness of the creative process. 

Ethan Dodd | Sarah Padbury | Emily White | Magdalena Lackowska | Eloise Barratt

 Sam Wall | Rhys Scorey | Mylo Elliott | Nathan Mullis | Fingal Green

 Emily Panizzi | Heather Kirk | Mabli Eustace

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