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Human beings are complex and emotional creatures, weighed down only by themselves; Perpetual motion has been invented already within our bodies. People exist on their own ‘laylines’ that begin with a single cell, and then back down to ash again.  Narrative is just the fourth dimension transmuted through human thought; halting this machine at emotionally dense moments is pivotal, as it allows flowers of emotion to blossom. I am at my most productive when I am constantly moving, but life is at its most beautiful when I am forced to stop and reflect.

My work is a constant educational process; it is succinctly personal, dealing with the transformative duality of love and pain. Moments of serene and reflective peace are like diamond dust within the chaotic spiral of existence; crafting that moment of stillness as a method of beneficial dis-association for myself and the viewer is a constant experimental process within my work. A knife stuck into a wall, a blackened and torn wreath of brambles and tar, a cracked, defaced and overgrown paving slab are examples of sculptural intervention imbued with an arcane magnetism; poised like a bear-trap hoping to capture the attention of a viewer, and engaging them to reflect (if only for a moment).

- 2019